Pita eat donut off table…

Five words strung together, not yet two years old… this boy’s a chatterbox.

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And He’s Off!

Leo’s walking! Actually, almost running. We are in TROUBLE.

Please forgive the poor video quality. This was shot impromptu on my iPhone. We’ll get more videos, I’m sure!

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It’s My Birthday

One Year Old… whiz bang, time does fly!

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I’m on Facebook…

http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=352812&id=618032387&l=7b3e8cbbaa – best place for pictorial updates for a while… at least until Mom and Dad manage to get out from under that ever-replenished pile of poopypants.

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The Official “The Leo Show” Theme Song (lyrics)

My name is Leo. I am a baby. I am cute and cuddly. Everybody tells me so – it must be true – I am ridiculously cute.

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Heeeere’s Leo!

Leo’s Facts:

  • Born on the Island of Crete, in Greece, on March 9 2010
  • Weight: 3.5 kg / Size: 51 cm (big boy)
  • Greek Name: Λεωνίδας – pronounced “leo-NEE-thas” (hard “th” sound, almost like a “d”). Means “lion like” / “bold as a lion” / “lion-hearted” – he’s a tough lil’ guy!
  • Nickname: Leo
  • Special Skills: being ridiculously cute, very observant, performing amazing feats of strength, eating, sleeping, burping…
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